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4% LIHTC and Tax Exempt Bond Deal Mechanics & Capital Stack

9% LIHTC Debt and Trends

Affordable Housing TedTalks

All That Is HUD

Analysis of a Troubled Deal

Building Health Housing & Development that Reduces Community Health Disparities

Certifying CHDOs

CHDO Capacity Building

Compliance & Management Issues

Demystifying Rental Underwriting

DOL & Davis Bacon

Equity Market Dialogue

Extended Use Policy and Qualified Contracts - Everyone Else is Doing Them and You Should Too!

HOME Written Agreements

How to Fill the Gap

Indiana Property Taxation of Affordable Housing - Overview and Update

LIHTC 101 - The "Not So Basic" Basics 2

LIHTC 201 - Acquisition Rehab Primer

LIHTC 301 - Structuring and Monitoring Deals with your Projection Model

LIHTC 401 - Capital Accounts and Related Party Debt Issues

New QAP, New Opportunities (2018-2019 QAP Presentation at Indiana Housing Conference)

Ongoing Rental Oversight

Preservation Disposition Discussion (Y15)

Rating Your Communities Like an Investor Does - The Use of the AHIC Watch List Standards

Stellar Communities Revisited: State and Local Partnerships in Creating Stellar Communities in Rural Indiana

Supportive Housing Development

Why Didn't We Think About That Sooner: Avoiding Last-Minute Land-Use and Other Real Estate Issues to Keep Your Closing on Track